Best Baby Monitor Review

Best Baby Monitor Review

All new parents are concerned with what their babies could be doing while they’re in their own rooms or not within immediate reach. We talked to several different sets of new parents as well as talked to retailers in over 15 locations to find out which baby monitors were the absolute best. With our research we were able to narrow it down to the top four baby monitors on the market that we found parents not only felt they could trust, but had the best value, style and usability. However, even though all of the baby monitors we extensively researched are worth every penny, we’ve selected the Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor Security Camera as the baby monitor with the best features currently available right now, with it’s two-way talk and sound LEDs and even built in lullabies.

We searched high and low to give you the best results and the very best options on the market. We are going to give you a breakdown of some of the best qualities we could find in the product and how they could possibly fit with you and your baby.

Product DescriptionUsers ScoreOverall Score
Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

Considering the fact that it is a rather affordable solution for your concerns regarding your baby, the Hello Baby ...

User Rating: 3.55 (1 votes)
Editor choice
2 Editor’s Pick: Infant Optics DXR-8

Editor’s Pick: Infant Optics DXR-8

Wow. We’ve seen a lot of advanced baby monitors come out in the last few years, but the DXR-8 raises the bar for what ...

User Rating: 3.55 (1 votes)
3 KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor

KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor

Now this camera is not necessarily just for baby monitoring, but so many new parents were impressed with it, that ...

User Rating: 2.95 (1 votes)
Editor choice
4 Philips Avent DECT monitor

Philips Avent DECT monitor

The Philips Avent range has been a favorite of parents, and a market leader, for many years now – trusted by parents ...

User Rating: 3.4 (1 votes)

Our BEST Choice

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HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio VideoWe researched for 20 hours to bring you the list of the best baby monitors on the market, and we very highly recommend this one as our best choice. The HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor is reliable, easy to use and worth its value. This baby monitor is one that would fit nicely in the home of any new parent, and we believe that you will be pleased with the way this monitor works for you and your baby.

The parents we used as testers were extremely impressed with the Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor Security camera because of its 2.4 inch LCD display and 2.4 GHz wireless Technology. This monitor guarantees a 100% private connection so no one else will be able to look into what your baby is doing without your permission. It also is a built-in feature to prevent the signal from dropping out at any time. If you’re worried that you might be spending your money on something that would only work half of the time, then you can put your mind at ease with the Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor Security. This product has been manufactured in a way to ensure that you’re able to relax at all times and are always able to hear or see your baby when he’s sleeping in his crib.

This baby monitor does not rely on wi-fi, and that’s what makes it so reliable for new parents. Your baby’s safety and your peace of mind don’t rely on any signal, so no matter what happens, you will still be able to have your monitor work well.

It is often annoying to have a product that has the ability to drop out. This product works without that possibility, so it gives parents a sense of security knowing that at any moment they could check the monitor and it would be working. There is nothing (other than you accidentally turning off the monitor) that would block the signal.

Not only is the product reliable, it is attractive in a beautiful blue color, easy to use and comes with an array of built in features that you’ll really enjoy being able to use at your convenience. It is an an agreeable size with a 2.4 inch screen, small enough to place in any spot in your home, but also easy enough to align with up to four monitors at once, so if you’d like to watch your baby on the monitor itself or even on another screen of your choice (your phone, computer, television, etc.), then you’ll be able to set that up with no problem.

If you’re a parent who is sometimes forgetful or worries that you’ll be too overwhelmed with your new baby to keep track of feeding times (among other things), then you’ll be overjoyed to use the HB24 Wireless and all of its built-in alarms that can be used for feeding, sleeping, medicine-taking and even when to change diapers.

The HB24 Wireless is not only easy to use for watching your baby while he is alone in his room, but it also allows you to talk to him with a two-way radio. If your baby calms down quickly when hearing your voice, then this feature could really be useful in your daily life. Imagine not having to get up in the middle of the night to try and lull your upset baby back to sleep, when all you’d have to do is press a button and let him listen to the sound of your voice.

On top of that, this your baby monitor has a long battery life which can last over 12 hours on power-saving mode and still a full eight hours with the screen on. It has a row of LED lights that visually alert you to when your baby is making any noises, and is equipped with infrared night vision, temperature monitoring technology and the ability to zoom in and out on your baby while he is alone in his room. So if you have concerns about the clarity of the picture or being able to see your baby in the dark, then you have nothing to worry about. This monitor takes care of all of that.

Best of all, this product is affordable. It comes with an amazing array of features, a high sensitive microphone, several alarms and even outdoor transmission features. The package comes with 1 baby unit, 1 parent unit, 2 adapters and a detailed user manual, so if any new Moms out there are concerned about their husbands not being able to properly set up their new monitor, then they can simply step in with the user manual and handle it themselves.

Common Questions

Does the monitor need to be plugged in all the time?

The camera does, but the monitor does not its has a rechargeable battery.

Does this come with a wall outlet to save money on batteries ?

It comes with 2 adapters.

Can you add a second parent unit monitor?

You can add a second camera but not a second parent unit monitor.

Can you add a second camera?

Yes you can buy a second camera and link it to the monitor.

Parents had a few complaints that this baby monitor was not very versatile (i.e. would not be very useful if used for watching dogs or other animals). There were also some parents who were disappointed that it was not an APP monitor, so without the ability to hook into wifi, it wouldn’t be useful for outside the home.

Some questions parents were asking were whether or not it could be mounted to the wall, which yes, it can! It even comes with the required mounting equipment. Also whether or not it can pan, tilt and zoom, and once again, yes! This baby monitor has all of those features available and are easy to use making it as carefree as possible to monitor your little one while he’s alone in his own space.

We highly recommend this baby monitor over all others because of its reliability, affordability, advanced technology and simplicity. This product is so easy to use and is so reliable, that it is absolutely worth putting one in your home. If you want an easy and dependable baby monitor, then the Hello Baby HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor is the one you are looking to purchase.

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

infant optics dxr 8 baby monitor best ip camera

We spent over 20 hours researching, and we found that the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor was one of the best products on the market for new parents to comfortably watch over their little ones without having to stress over the quality of the video, the reliability or the price. If you’re worried about not being able to see your child climb out of her crib when she’s alone in her room, then you can relax knowing that you’ve got this baby monitor to help keep your mind at ease.

Not only is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor a great product, but it is the first-ever monitor with interchangeable optical lens capability. So if you’re one of those tech-savvy parents out there who wants to play with all of your baby equipment like they are your own toys, then this product is great for you.

The optical lens gives you the option to see your baby’s entire room with a 170 degree view. There is the option for three separate lenses that have an array of qualities that allow you to pan, zoom, tilt, and any other feature you’d need to choose your optimal view. If you like technology, then this really is a great product that you would enjoy.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has a large 3.5 inch full color LCD display screen with a sound-activated LED display that will light up when your baby makes any noise in her room, instantly alerting you to her behavior.

If you’re a parent who needs a monitor that will last on a battery for a good amount of time, then this is something that would work well for you. The battery life on The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor lasts up to 10 hours on power-saving mode, and six hours with the screen on.

On top of being cool and technical, this baby monitor is sleek, stylish and attractive. It comes with only one color option, but in gold and white it fits in well with any room decor. Whether your baby is a little girl or a little boy, you can put the monitor in the baby room and have it fit in nicely. If you’re into decorating and concerned about the style, then this product will fit nicely in your home, looking as up to date and as fashionable as a baby monitor possibly can.

If you’re concerned about the quality of the sound, then don’t be! Parents have found that The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor can pick up even the smallest sound, so if your baby makes any noise at night or when left alone, then the speakers will pick it up immediately alerting you to anything your little one is doing while she should be sleeping.

Other Questions:

Can you turn the screen off but still hear sound? And can you adjust the volume?

Yes you can choose to have the screen on all the time or have it display for 3 minutes or 5 minutes & then shut off but still hear noises.

Is there a way to disable the beeping sound the monitor makes when the screen turns off?

Amazon is selling the new March 2014 units, which allow you to turn the alarms off completely.

How do i change the temperature setting from celsius to fahrenheit? the manual says to use the menu button but there’s no option for temperature there?

Press and hold the SHORTCUT button for 3 seconds to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Some parents were concerned about the technical difficulty of this product versus other ones. There are a lot of parts (and not all of them are included, so they have to be sold separately), and it makes it a little bit more difficult to use. So if you’re a parent who is not as comfortable with gadgets, this product may be one that you should pass on. We still think the features are super cool, but they are definitely not for everyone.

Another downfall is that this product falls on the more expensive end of the spectrum. This is, of course, because it does come with so many great features, add ons and technology that are absolutely worth the cost, but it does mean that it comes at a bit of a higher price. If you are a new parent on a budget, this also could be a reason that this product isn’t necessarily the right one for you.

Despite some of the negative things about it, we think this product is great. It is stylish, sleek and super cool. There are so many things that you could do with the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor that make it so worth the purchase. This is a baby monitor that could go great in the home of anyone as long as it fits within your budget and your technological abilities, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new and cool for their new nursery.  

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KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor

KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor

Now this camera is not necessarily just for baby monitoring, but so many new parents were impressed with it, that we had to add the KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor to our list of best baby monitors on the market. After interviewing 26 parents (and two of them with twins!) we found that even though this camera markets itself as a home monitor, so many new Mommies and Daddies found it to be incredible for their baby monitors. Not only is it sleek, high tech and cool, but it is affordable and worth the buy. If you’re into a product that will keep you connected to your home and your baby anytime and anywhere, then this is a great product to add to your collection of baby things.

The KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor is equipped with an option for video streaming so you can access the ability to view your little one from virtually anywhere. It has a quick mobile setup process, so if you’re not very technologically savvy, this might be a great product for you to consider. It fortunately does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to set it up and get it going as quickly as possible.

This baby monitor has excellent Full HD Video, which delivers a great video picture to whichever device you have connected it to, which could be: your smartphone, your tablet, your computer or even a PC or a television. It connects to an App which allows you to access your live streaming footage at any time, and you will always be connected to your baby even when you’re not in the house or are trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep (good luck!)

We really think this is a cool product for keeping a close eye on your little one even when you’re not able to. It has a built in 62 degree viewing angle and can move 350 degrees by 100 degrees to make sure that you are absolutely able to see every corner of your baby’s room.

Not only does this camera have a great amount of cool features, but it is sleek, black and gorgeous. If you want to keep the decor in your house looking up to date and attractive, then this monitor will fit in nicely with the style of your home.

The KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor has as easy setup and also comes with a scannable QR code on the package that will help you easily download the App that it connects with. It works with wifi or with an ethernet cable, so even if your wifi signal drops out, your baby will still be able to be in your immediate field of vision as soon as you open the App on your device. If you want to feel safe in knowing about your baby’s whereabouts and what he’s doing while you’re at work or even in the other room, you can simply open the app and let it show you.

We really think that the motion detector and two-way audio features are what makes this such a cool monitor for you and your baby. You can speak to your baby whenever you hear him making a fuss in his room, and he may even be able to calm down simply by hearing you sing him a lullabye or by cooing his name, so if you’re in desperate need of a good night’s sleep and all your baby needs is your voice, then you can use this product to help you rest and help your baby calm down all from the comfort of your bed or wherever you happen to be sleeping (sorry dads, if you’re on the couch that night).

This baby monitor a ton of cool features, including a slot for SD cards so you can capture snapshots and records of what your baby is doing while he’s in bed alone at night. With the resolution of this monitor so high, we think it’s great that it comes with the ability to capture moments forever, just in case you want them.

If your baby does something particularly astonishing (walking around on his own for the first time without you guiding him?), then you’ll be able to hit record and it will automatically save it to your SD card. And then the App has the ability to alert you that there is motion, and you can use the two-way speaker feature to tell him how great he is!

Can i use it on android and ios both?

This camera can be used on Android,IOS, Windows, MAC and Linux.Can work with cell phone,pad,PC or TV.

Can this camera connect to WiFi that use a browser page for login? I want to use as pet camera in my hotel room?

You can download the APP on PC and watch the page on it, also it can be connected to WIFI to use on PC.

How can I get the motion alert?How does it come?

You need turn on the “motion detection” function on your App first. And you can also set up the rule for motion detection,pics or video record, it will come to your APP and make a notice on your phone.

Can I watch the video playback on my cell phone?

Yes you can watch the video record on your APP, this camera will reserve the video on the SD card.You can also set the duration of video record,it is up to the storage of SD card.

Lots of new parents were really impressed with the easy setup of this monitor. They found that the QR code worked really well in helping them get the software for the KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor up and running within less than ten minutes. We think that this simple feature is such a great idea, that we added it to our list of best baby monitors (despite being an anything monitor). You can get your new monitor set up quickly, use something as simple as scanning a QR code to get the software up and running, and use the KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor very quickly. This will allow you to feel at ease knowing that you’ve left your precious baby alone in his room while you go about your day easily.

This product is sturdy, built well, and worth the money you will put into it. It is an affordable product in every way. It can be purchased for less than you’d expect. If you’re concerned on spending a fortune on a baby monitor, then this might be the product for you. It won’t empty your wallet by purchasing one, and it will last a long time simply because it was built to last.

There were some disappointments from new parents who bought this product, in that they expected a bit more from the technology. They found the built-in microphone and speaker were both fairly good, but that they had a delay to them which was unexpected and a bit frustrating. The monitor also has to do some work to your SD card if you want to use it to record videos or images, and that is completely reformat it, so it may not be readable with your computer. If you like to switch your SD cards to your computer and save a ton of images and recordings of your new baby, then you might want to reconsider how to work this monitor.

Some parents also realized that this product may require some patience depending on how familiar you are with the App it comes with, and how quickly you can familiarize yourself with how it works. You may need to re-scan the QR code several times to get the App to work properly on your devices. You will also need to reset up the entire camera again if you are not careful with the power. If your baby monitor loses power, then the entire system needs to be redone.

Even though the KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor has a few flaws, we still highly recommend it as a great baby monitor and surveillance camera for your home. We think it has such great technology built in, easy setup and great features that would make it a wonderful addition to your ever-growing collection of things for your baby, except this one will actually have and serve its purpose!

It will look sleek and high tech in your home, and it will stay working for as long as you need it to, and even when it is no longer needed as a baby monitor, you’ll be able to keep using the KAMTRON HD WiFi Security Surveillance IP Camera Home Monitor as a security camera. We think the multiple use of this camera makes it extra special. If you’re looking for something that will last you for a long time and keep working for you, then considering this monitor is a great idea.

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Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

DECT Baby Monitor SCD560/10 | Avent - PhilipsWe really found that one of the most important things in a baby monitor is a secure, private connection to you and your baby, and this product brings that and more to you. We researched straight from the manufacturer to find that the Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor comes with a range up to 900 feet and guarantees no interference and clear sound so you can hear your little one at all hours of the day (or night).

If you want to be able to hear your little one at any time, this is a great product for you. With a talkback feature, it gives you the ability to sing lullabies from up to 900 feet away (is your home really that big!? Lucky you!), coo your baby to sleep or just let her listen to the sound of your voice while you’re busy in other parts of your home.

Not only does this monitor help you keep in contact with your baby by alerts like a vibration alert for when there is something going on in your baby’s room, but it also monitors the temperature in your baby’s space. If you think that your baby’s temperature needs to be very specific in order for her to be comfortable, then this is a good monitor to have in your home. It will allow you to make sure that your baby is always in the best environment even if you’re not available to cuddle her up in your arms.

The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor has a zero interference guarantee thanks to DECT technology which also guarantees complete privacy between you and your baby.

We also really love that the The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor has a nightlight feature built into the monitor, so you don’t have to purchase an extra device. If your baby is uncomfortable sleeping in total darkness, then all you have to do is turn on the built-in night light and allow your baby to sleep peacefully while feeling safe.

The two-way talking feature is great if you want to sing to your baby, but the The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor also has lullabies already programmed in, so if you’re a busy parent who needs to focus on something else for a while, then you can put on one of the songs that already comes ready to be played for your baby and hope that the music will lull your little one into a relaxed state (pray!).

We really found that new parents were pleased with this monitor because the parent unit is so easy to use. It comes with a docking station for recharging, and it also allows you to put on an alert to let you know that you need to recharge your batteries or if you’re out of range of your baby.

It also vibrates when your baby is making noises as well as lights up to allow you to visually see that your child is active. If you really are looking for a product that is as simple as possible to use, then we really recommend looking into this baby monitor for you.

Other Commonly Asked Questions

100-240 volt? can we use it in other country? in a house with 2 floors it works?

Works great in a two story house with some inner concrete walls. It says 100-240 volt on the adapter plug.

Can you view temperature in ºC or ºF or just ºF?


We have the previous version for our toddler son. Will the two units interfere with each other at all?

Nope. Older monitors can work with newer ones just fine.

A lot of new parents are pleased with how easy this product is to use. Because it does not rely on wifi or Apps, the setup and use are very simple. There is no change of your monitor losing a connection, because it simply doesn’t need one. We also think it’s cool that it has the ability to set the level of noise the activates the parent unit. If you don’t think it is necessary to check up on your baby constantly and only need to have the unit activated when she is crying in her crib, then you can set that feature for your own convenience and sanity.

The biggest downfall to this product is that it does not come with a monitor, so if you’re a parent who is looking to not only listen to your baby but also watch their movements, then this product may not be for you. This is simply a sound only monitor, but it is one that is reliable and one that will be useful for parents who aren’t concerned with recording their little one’s every movement (and both parenting ways are great. But some people are much more tech savvy than others).

It can also be annoying at times if you are not careful with keeping it charged or keeping the batteries up to date. The alerts can be great for parents who need to be reminded to charge their unit, but they can also be frustrating when they go off at odd hours of the night, especially if they have nothing to do with your baby, but simply have to do with keeping the monitor running properly.

All in all, we think this sound-only monitor is an awesome choice for parents who aren’t really technical and aren’t very concerned with watching their babies all the time. It has a great sound range, a reliable and private connection, and it is worth the price considering it includes pre programmed lullabies, two-way talking features and a built-in nightlight (among other things).

If you are a parent looking for a great sound and talking monitor, then The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor could be the perfect baby monitor for you.

Our Final Thoughts

We researched, interviewed and even tried out a few of these monitors to bring you these top four, and we are confident in our choices for what we think would be the best for your home with your new baby.

Regardless of whether you’re a tech-savvy parent or not, if you want the absolute best choice for it’s value, the HB24 Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor is the way to go. However, there are so many products on the market that any of these monitors will be stylish, affordable, worth their price and fun to have in your home.

The ultimate choice is yours, but we are happy to bring you our best choices and compare them here so you can make the best decision for you, your family and your new baby.


  1. Size- HB24: 2.8×0.6×5.1 inches Infant Optics: 19.3×13.4×6.5 inches KAMTRON: 6.7×6.1×4 inches Philips Avent: 3.5x8x6 inches
  2. Material- HB24: Plastic Infant Optics: Plastic and glass KAMTRON: Plastic, metal and glass  Philips Avent: Plastic
  3. Weight- HB24: 1.1 pounds Infant Optics: 3.6 pounds KAMTRON:1.1 pounds  Philips Avent: 1.6 pounds
  4. Charge/Batteries- HB24: 1 Lithium ion battery required and is chargeable Infant Optics: 1 Lithium ion battery required and is chargeable KAMTRON: chargeable Philips Avent: 2 AA batteries required and is chargeable
  5. Color- HB24: Blue  Infant Optics: gold and white KAMTRON: black Philips Avent: white and light blue
  6. Portable- HB24: No.  Infant Optics: No KAMTRON: Yes Philips Avent: Yes
  7. Wifi required/App available: HB24: No  Infant Optics: Yes KAMTRON: Yes Philips Avent: No