Best Baby Swing Reviews

Best Baby Swing Reviews


Baby swings are an essential part of the baby package for all new parents. You need a crib, a car seat and a swing for your newborn or else you’re definitely missing something that your baby needs. Baby swings are great for many things including calming a fussy baby, helping him fall asleep during his many daily naps, and even allowing him to relax and listen to music. Baby swings now come in all shapes and sizes and with more accessories than most cars, so figuring out which swing is best for your and your infant can be an overwhelming experience.

Do you want a swing that bounces? Vibrates? That is easily portable? Comes with attachable mobiles? Music? Cleans your house? (Well sorry, that last one isn’t an option at this point, but maybe one day…). A lot of baby swings come with so many different options, sizes, shapes and colors that it can be difficult to choose.

We interviewed 6 sets of new mommies and daddies and researched for over 25 hours to see which baby swings were the best ones on the market.

We tried to test them out ourselves, but we didn’t quite fit in the seats. After all of our research, we decided that the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is the best baby swing on the market for its value, longevity and how many cool accessories it has without being overwhelming for you or your baby.

We also found a few other really great options for your newborn (or slightly older) baby, and we are happy to bring them to you to help you with your decision.

We are happy to bring you our list of our top four best baby swings on the market that we think would be a great addition to your baby essentials.

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Editor choice
Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is something completely different from most traditional baby swings, and ...

User Rating: 2.23 (2 votes)
2 Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat

Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat

Your little one will change his needs often. Sometimes he might want to swing in laying back position, and ...

User Rating: 3.65 (1 votes)
3 Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing, Pierce

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing, Pierce

Sometimes baby swings can be a bit too harsh or too fast for babies who get easily uncomfortable with the movement, ...

User Rating: 2.95 (1 votes)
4 Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price absolutely has a wide variety of baby products, and it was no surprise to us that their company came ...

User Rating: 3.5 (1 votes)


Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Review

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is something completely different from most traditional baby swings, and that is because it is seated low to the ground and moves like a rocking chair with a vibrating seat instead of a tall, mobile swing that takes up a lot of space in your living room (or whichever room you choose to put it in).

This baby swing is convenient, easy to use and will serve its purpose for your little one every time you put her in it. It is soft, relaxing, comfortable and best of all, it can be used from the time your baby is just born until she is a toddler (up to 40 pounds!).

It is a place where your baby can relax and spend time napping, feeding, playing or just resting in a calm and soothing environment for your little bundle of joy to spend some time while you can focus on other things. If you are looking for a baby swing that will rock your baby to sleep or vibrate as well as has a great value and can last for a very long time, then this is a great option for you to look into.

There are so many different ways that this swing can be used, and we very highly recommend it. The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is a great non-traditional swing that we believe you’ll really be pleased with.

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker fits nicely in any part of your home, and your baby will be sure to be comfortable in it. It can be used from the time your little one is brought home from the hospital until he is a toddler up to 40 pounds.

The Toddler Rocker has some pretty cool features, which we love, but it also is one of the lesser-complicated baby swings, so with this product, we believe that you’re getting the best of both worlds.

If you want something easy, portable and durable, than we think that this is definitely worth a second look.

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker has calming vibrations in the seat that can be switched on or off when needed. This can help soothe your baby to sleep or simply give her a comfortable place to sit. It also comes with an attachable mobile that your baby can spend hours playing with and increasing her motor skills.

We really liket that this swing has these extra features to help your baby be both comfortable and happy at the same time. If you want a swing where your baby can play, sleep and enjoy her time, then you’ll really enjoy having The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker in your home.

One of our parents has been using this swing for several months, and she has been really pleased with it.

“We really enjoy using this baby swing in our home. It has been great to have a swing that firstly, doesn’t take up too much space; secondly, wasn’t incredibly expensive; and thirdly, keeps our baby happy. We bought the Toddler Rocker even before we brought our son home from the hospital, and he is now 6 months old and still enjoys swinging in it. Sometimes I put on the vibrating seat for him, and he really seems to be happy there. As soon as I start rocking the swing and set the seat to vibrate, I can almost guarantee that he will fall straight asleep. This leaves me plenty of time to do whatever I need to do. I love this product.”

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker was built with safety in mind as well. It includes a secure three-point restraint to keep your baby in place while he rocks back and forth. It also has a stationary position with a kickstand.

If you want to put your newborn into the swing without having to worry about him falling out, then you can simply strap him in securely and comfortably and also put up the kickstand if you don’t want the swing to move.

The safety features built into this swing (just like the product itself) are simple, and that is great for new parents who just want a stress-free baby swing in their home. And we believe that you have enough stress with a baby without having to try and figure out complicated ways to keep your baby safe in his swing or comfortable while relaxing.

This baby swing comes with a great removable toy bar with an attachable mobile. The product itself comes with bat-at toys which you can add on to the bar, but you could put on anything you think your baby would like. You could easily clip on something that moves, with lights or sounds or anything that calms your baby.

These types of mobiles help your baby learn to focus on objects, help with developing their vision and recognition of shapes and colors and are an easy way to calm them down if they’re fussy.

Also, babies enjoy playing with things, and nothing would be more fun than hitting a few toys above your baby’s head! If you want a baby swing that has a toy set built in, then this swing is a great choice. It takes away the need for a set that sits on the ground, and saves you money in the process.

If you’re worried about the potential (inevitable) mess that your bundle of joy will make while in his baby swing, then you can rest assured that clean up will be easy. The comfortable and plush pillow insert is easily removable and machine washable.

If your little one throws up, spills a drink or worse while sitting in his rocker, then you can pick him up, hand him to your spouse to be taken care of and throw the insert into the washing machine without worrying about any damage to the product.

Some questions parents had about the product:

Does it have a plug or is it battery only?

It uses 2C batteries and does not have an outlet option.

Are there rubber feet on the bottom of the chair?

Yes, there are rubber stoppers on the bottom of the swing to keep it from moving while swinging or from scratching or damaging your floors.

Does the seat swing back and forth on a motor or is it by pushing?

It is by pushing, like a rocking chair, but it uses batteries to vibrate and move in other ways to soothe your baby.

Does the swing act as a bouncer in any way?

No, this swing does not bounce up and down. It only moves in a swinging or rocking motion.

Can the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker be used as a car seat or carrier?

No, it is only recommended as a swing.

After your baby has grown up a little, the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker can be adjusted by changing the position of the seat from one that lies back to one that sits up more straight. It can then hold your no-longer little one, but now toddler to sit comfortably during his relaxing time, play time or even snack time. As long as your baby or toddler fits within the seat, he can continue to use it. If you want a swing that you’ll be able to have for years and will be able to consider a great value, then this is a wonderful product for you.

Another of our parents really enjoys putting her baby in the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker. She says,

“I am pleased with the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker because it’s small enough to carry around and put anywhere in my house, my daughter can easily be pushed into a swinging motion and also I can put on the vibrating seat which puts her to sleep easily. It helps me calm her down when she is fussy, and I don’t have to bounce her around or carry her for hours until she stops crying. I love the way this swing is easy to use, easy to transport and easy to clean.”

There were a few concerns with parents, especially those who were looking for a more traditional standing swing that could be put on a motor. If you want a swing that you can turn on and leave the room without worrying about the swinging motion stopping, then this is not the swing you are looking for.

Other parents stated that they were expecting the swing to come with some kind of music or other soothing accessories, and that they wanted a product that wasn’t as simple. Even though they could play songs from another device, they thought it would have been easier and saved on purchasing (or using) another product to play music for their baby.

Despite some negative feedback, we love this baby swing, and we think the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is a great non-traditional and simple swing for your baby.

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Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends

Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle 'n Swing, Rainforest Friends Review

Fisher-Price absolutely has a wide variety of baby products, and it was no surprise to us that their company came up with several great baby swings, two of them making our list of the top ones.

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends is a traditional, standing swing that provides comfort, motorized speeds for your baby’s needs and even a motorized mobile at the top to give your newborn something to look at while she is relaxing in her swing.

This product comes with a number of great accessories including different swinging positions, soothing nature sounds and even eight pre-programmed songs that will play for up to twenty minutes at a time without you having to restart them.

If you’re looking for a swing that has everything your baby would need for hours of comfort, then this is a product that you could very much be interested in.

This baby swing comes with two swinging motions, both side to side and back to front to mimic rocking and cradling to help your baby fall asleep or relax easier, and to recognize that every baby has a different preference.

We love that Fisher-Price gives you these options with this product. If you have a fussy baby who likes to change direction often to be kept calm, then this swing will really help with both your baby and your arms (bouncing a baby around can be quite tiring).

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends is an attractive swing that has a comfortable and cute cushion seat that will make your baby feel relaxed surrounded by her exotic friends. Lions, monkeys and elephants hang from the top so she can watch them as the swing moves in one of six different speeds.

If your baby likes to move quickly, then there is the option for that with this product. Conversely, if your baby is easily uncomfortable with fast motion, then you can simply slow it down and play some soothing sounds for her to relax easily in her seat.

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends is a favorite by one of our tester families, and they had nothing but positive things to say about it,

“We put our son in his swing every day. He is just an infant, only three months old, so he is still unable to sit up or play while in the swing, but he does really enjoy listening to the music it plays and also watching the mobile at the top. We think these added features really add to his learning even at such a young age. He is developing his focus and personal preferences, and we think that is really cool. We also like that we can plug in the swing and let it run for hours without having to worry about dying batteries, but also that if we’re not near an outlet, it will still work with batteries. Having the option is really nice.”

The baby swing is very easy to use, and is easy to convert into different positions for your baby’s comfort. All you have to do is press a button and turn the swing to have your little one facing the direction you (or he) prefers.

It is also easy to clean up for when your baby makes any type of mess in the swing. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends has an easily removable cushion that can simply be thrown into the washing machine to get rid of food stains or worse, and the rest of the swing is made of plastic which can easily be wiped down and cleaned. If you are worried about your baby swing being very messy and full of germs, then you can relax knowing that this was designed to be simple not only in use but also in clean up.

Another really great feature is the soothing rainforest sounds and the music that the swing can play. We love that Fisher-Price recognizes that babies need both stimulation and distraction, and this swing provides both of those.

The music and sounds both stimulate and soothe your baby when he is in his swing, giving him something to focus on and something to listen to. The mobile is also wonderful for your baby’s stimulation, and even comes with a mirror built in, so your little one can learn to recognize himself or have fun watching lights bounce off of the mirrored surface.

If you want your baby to have a swing that gives him something to focus and help his learning, then we really think that this is a great one for him to spend time in.

Can you clip your baby in safely and comfortably in the swing?

Yes, the Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends has padded lap and shoulder straps to keep your baby in the swing without falling out.

How long can my baby use the swing?

Fisher-Price recommends up to 25 pounds, but they also state “use from birth until your child attempts to climb out of the product”

Is it easily portable?

The legs are made of steel and are stable, but also fold so that the swing can be moved from room to room, however it is not portable with the baby inside of the product.

Does anything else come with the product?

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends includes an attachable frog toy that your baby can snuggle with while relaxing in the seat.

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends works on both batteries and a plug, so you have the option to use any power source you prefer. If you want to keep the swing next to an outlet in one room, then you can simply plug it into the wall. If you want to keep the swing close to you in an area without a outlet, then it will run on battery power. This gives you the freedom to place the swing wherever is most convenient for you.

Another of our parents really likes using this swing for her newborn,

“My baby loves to sit in the swing at look at himself in the mirror on the mobile. I don’t know if he is recognizing himself or thinking there is another baby, but he is absolutely fascinated by the mobile. We also like that it is a strong and sturdy product that we can trust to hold our son without falling apart. On top of that, it’s a cute product with cute toys, cute attachments and all around is attractive. It fits in every room, and every time I look at it, it just comes off as cute.”

Some parents did have concerns with the Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends, stating that the motor could be loud at times, and that it was frustrating for them even if it didn’t seem to bother their baby very much. They also noticed that if you put the motor on too high, then it could cause the entire set to move across the floor, which made them feel a little bit nervous.

Also, some parents noticed that it was frustrating that there was no option to keep the music running without stop. Some babies would wake up or begin to get fussy if any music would stop, so they found it annoying to have to constantly go back and turn the music back on every twenty minutes.

Even though not every parent loved the Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends, we really think it’s a great baby swing! We think that you and your baby will be comfortable with this product in your home and that your entire family will be happy with what Fisher-Price came up with when designing this swing.

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Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing, Pierce

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing, Pierce Review

Sometimes baby swings can be a bit too harsh or too fast for babies who get easily uncomfortable with the movement, and needs something a little bit simpler (like a gliding motion for example). Or sometimes newborns can get uncomfortable in their seats and need to move around, so they start bouncing. In a traditional swing, this could cause a problem because they may only move in swinging directions or not be built to withstand a bouncing baby. However, the Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing is absolutely one that is made for this kind of baby. If your baby is fussy, wiggly, bouncy or needs more than just a back and forth swing, then this could be the perfect product for you.

The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing uses the same soothing motions that you would when cuddling your baby by gliding back and forth smoothly. This helps your baby relax easily and even fall asleep in her glider without much fuss. And even if she does get fussy and want to bounce around, the Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing easily doubles as a bouncer allowing her to move, play and be active without you having to put her into a different product or take her down from her swing. If you want a swing that will save you from purchasing several different baby items, then this glider could really help you and your budget.

This baby swing is designed to take up much less space than a traditional standing swing (the company states it reduces area taken up in your home by 40%), and doubles as a bouncer allowing you to have two products in one.

It also comes with a convenient handle on the top that makes it easy for you to take your baby and the product with you wherever you are in the house. If you want to move around from room to room, then you can simply grab the handle at the top of the product, and lift the entire thing to have it move with you. The structure is built strong enough to be lifted with the baby still in the seat, and you can keep your little one as close to you as you would like.

Conversely, the seat is so comfortable and stable that if you wish to simply leave your little one in it and go about the house, you can do so without worry. The cushion is plush and comes with a headrest for your infant as well as comfortable straps so you don’t have to fear for her possibly falling out of the swing. The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing also comes with the option to use either a plug into an outlet to keep it running or to unplug it and switch to battery mode.

One of the families we talked to who uses the Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing thought that the option to carry it around was great. Mom had this to say,

“I can plug my baby swing into the wall when I am in the living room and put my newborn inside. Whether he is awake or asleep, he seems to have no problem being comfortable in there, especially with the two little bears at the top of the swing. When he is awake, he can hit at them or just look at them, and he really likes them. When he is asleep, I can set the swing to any speed to make him comfortable and let it glide. Then, whenever I move to another room, if I unplug it, it will just switch to battery mode, keep working and I can grab it by the handle at the top and take it with me to wherever I want to go. I like to keep my son close to me because I love him, but I also like to keep him in the swing because even a little thing like him gets heavy if I have to just hold him all day!”

As previously stated, the Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing uses battery or a power cord to work. It has the option to move in a gliding motion, a bouncing seat and two vibration speeds all to keep your little one as comfortable and as happy as possible. The seat itself is able to be moved into three different positions and can recline or sit up to whichever your baby finds to be the most soothing.

The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing also comes with some other great options to keep your little one comfortable and happy. It has six gliding speeds, so however fast or slow your little one prefers, you will be able to find one to keep her happy. It also has ten pre-programmed classic baby songs and five different nature sounds to help keep your little one entertained.

Along the top of the swing, there is a canopy that helps with shielding light if you choose to take your The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing outside, and it also serves as a holding place for batable plush toy bears for your baby to play with. This product really has a lot of features designed to keep your baby as happy as possible. If you want a glider that has been made to keep your baby happy for an extended period of time, then this is a great option for you.

Some questions new mommies and daddies wanted to know about the The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing before purchasing it: 

Can I carry the swing while it is moving?

The swing should only be carried in bouncer mode to be as safe as possible for your baby and much easier for you to control while holding it.

How tall off the ground is the baby seat?

Approx. 3 feet

Can I take it apart completely and put it together so it is easy to travel with?

While it’s easy to take around your house, it is quite difficult to assemble and reassemble for travel.

Can the straps be lengthened to accommodate my baby as she grows?

Yes, the safety straps can be lengthened and shortened depending on your baby’s needs.

One of the things our parents like most about the The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing was how attractive it is. It is a beautiful grey and cream color and fits nicely with almost any style in your home. There is nothing specifically too colorful to make it clash with any of your personal style, so it will make a nice addition to your decor. If you take a lot of time and effort into making your home match in a certain style, then you can rest assured that no matter what that style is, this product will fit in easily.

Another of our parents was very pleased with her swing,

“We have been using the Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing for a few months now, and have no complaints. Our daughter is always happy and comfortable in it, and I can recline it to fit how she is feeling with relative ease. I like how it looks in our home, and that is important to me. It matches pretty much everything because it isn’t full of flashy colors. Even though my baby reacts well to colors, I can always give her other toys, but for furniture, I like that this fits my preferences as well as hers.”

Some parents did have a few complaints about The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing. A few parents did not find the sound system to be up to standard and thought the quality to be poor. They also were expecting the songs to be a bit more distinguishable, but thought they all sounded quite similar.

A few other parents were upset that this swing is not very easy to travel with. It has a very unique design which is not easy to take apart or put back together. If you want to travel with your baby often, and you want to bring the baby swing with you, then this swing could be difficult for you.

However, we really like the The Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing for all of its positives. We think the unique design is beautiful and the sun cover is a great feature for being able to bring it outside. We also like that it runs on different power sources and that it is attractive. We think that with this swing, you and your baby will be happy and it will be worth the money spent.

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Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat

Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat Review

Your little one will change his needs often. Sometimes he might want to swing in laying back position, and sometimes he might want to sit in a vibrating seat so he can look around and see his surroundings. Fortunately, the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat has already considered this, and made their product easy to use and easy to change to fit your baby’s needs.

This is one baby swing that you will be able to take with you on the go whenever you need or want to travel, and you can be confident in its stability despite how easy it is to fold flat to take with you. If you travel often or even if you just like to take your little one out to visit family, then you can easily fold this product, stick it in your car and bring it with you.

This swing has a unique design from start to finish and top to bottom. From the time you put your baby in the seat until you take him out, and from the leaf-like toy bar to the buttons on the bottom, the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat has something different to bring to your baby’s swinging experience.

If you want a product that is new and innovative, then this is something you might be interested in.

The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat has a patented Hybridrive Technology system that allows the batteries to last up to three times longer than those in a normal swing, so if you want to save money on battery life for your swing, then you will be very pleased with how this was designed.  

With this technology, the swing powers with five different swinging speeds when the seat is in the “swing” position. When you transition it to the seat, it can also vibrate in several patterns designed to soothe your baby into the most comfortable position that he can possibly be in. It also has eight melodies and three nature sounds that have a volume control system.

One of the moms we talked to really likes her swing. She told us,

“I have been using the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat since we brought our son home from the hospital (it was given to me as a gift for my baby shower). What I like best about this swing is that it is quiet when I want it to be. There are no loud clicking noises when it swings back and forth, and if I want to turn the music down so only my son can benefit from it, I can. Sometimes as a parent, there is nothing more frustrating than hearing a kid’s song at an ungodly high volume on repeat and there’s nothing you can do about it because if you turn the song off then your son starts to scream, which is worse. But with this product, I can put on his music, turn it down to a reasonable volume and let him enjoy it without it driving me insane.”

The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat also comes with a great design that includes a toy bar shaped like a leaf (how cute!). It comes with one plush toy, but you can attach up to three more toys of your choice with loops already provided.

And if you really wanted to, then you could attach as many things as you wanted as long as they come with their own attachments. If your baby likes to play with toys or hit at things while he’s in his swing, then this product has designed itself to be useful and fun for him.

This product is sleek, attractive and fun for your baby and for you. It comes in neutral colors that match any baby’s personality and any interior design in your home. The seat is plush and comfortable, and your baby will love spending time in the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat.

It is designed to be perfect for either a girl or a boy (though at Kokopax, we believe everything was designed for a either girl or boy no matter what color it is). And it was also designed so that you as a parent would be able to easily fit it into the design of your home.

Another great feature of the product is that you can create settings on the swing as to how long you want it to swing for.

The timer has three settings: 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour. This also helps to keep your batteries lasting as long as possible. If your baby falls asleep quickly once he starts swinging, then this could be a great product for you. You can simply set the swing to the shortest timer and save on battery life.

Some parents had some questions about the product:

Can you use the vibration setting and swing setting at the same time?

Yes, but you cannot use the swing setting when you have the chair locked as a seat, only the vibration setting will work then.

Is the plastic leaf baby bar removable?

Yes, and this allows for easier storage and transport.

Can the seat be removed and just be used as a vibrating seat, like a car seat or a carrier?

No. It is part of the swing and cannot be removed, only locked into place.

Does this product come with a power cord?

No, it is only operated by batteries.

The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat is great for your baby’s safety as well as her comfort. It has a five-point harness to keep her in place while she is dozing or playing with the toys attached to the leaf-bar. It also has non-slip feet on the bottom of the swing to keep your the product in place while swinging. If you’re concerned about this swing tipping over, then you can rest easy knowing that not only will the rubberized feet keep it stable, but the entire base is designed to be tip-proof.

Another parent was very pleased with the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat.

He said,

“We love how this swing looks in our house. It’s really attractive. It’s also really easy to fold up and take with us, and we have had no concerns about the stability of it from constantly taking it up and down. It is lightweight enough and flat enough to stick right in the trunk of the car, and we can take it to my parents’ house or even to the park. Because it runs on batteries, it works everywhere. We have only great things to say about it.”

However, not all parents were fully pleased with the swing and did have some concerns. Some parents noticed that the safety straps were difficult to use and difficult to stay snapped shut because of a fabric material that covers the middle plastic pad where all the harnesses connect. If you have a wiggly baby, then it could be difficult for you to get her to sit still long enough to get strapped in safely and she could possibly even get the harness undone if she moves around too much.

Another concern about the swing is that the head cushion does not fit a newborn very well. It is a bit too big, so when if your infant is very small, then you might have to wait until you can use the swing comfortably.

However, we think this product is full of cool new technology, and we can only recommend the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat with great confidence that you will be equally as pleased with the value of the swing as so many other parents.

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Our Final Thoughts

We were happy to look high and low to bring you our list of what we think are the top baby swings on the market. We think you would be very pleased no matter which of these products you decide to bring into your home.

We still believe that the The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is your best choice for value, easy product use and longevity. But regardless, we are comfortable in saying that we like all of these products and believe each of these baby swings are great options!

  1. Size- Infant to Toddler: 6.2x 15.8x 25.6 inches Rainforest: 30x13x12 inches Graco: 34x28x24 inches Ingenuity: 9×21.5×22 inches
  2. Material- Infant to Toddler: Plastic with a plush seat Rainforest: Plastic and plush Rainforest: Graco: Plastic, metal and plush  Ingenuity: Plastic and plush
  3. Weight- Infant to Toddler: 6 pounds Rainforest: 21.6 pounds Graco:7 pounds Ingenuity:  9  pounds
  4. Charge/Batteries-Infant to Toddler: 2 C batteries required Rainforest: Rechargeable batteries or plug-in  Graco: 5 D batteries required or plug-in Ingenuity:  4 D batteries required
  5. Color- Infant to Toddler: Pink with designs or Blue with designs Rainforest: brown, green, white and cream with designs Graco: cream, black, white and grey Ingenuity: white and grey with designs
  6. Portable-Infant to Toddler: Not with the child inside. Rainforest: No Graco: Yes Ingenuity:  Yes
  7. Music/sounds included: Infant to Toddler: No  Rainforest: Yes Graco: Yes Ingenuity: Yes
  8. Toy bar included: Infant to Toddler: Yes Rainforest: Yes Graco: Yes Ingenuity: Yes
  9. Can be used for toddlers: Infant to Toddler: Yes Rainforest: Yes Graco: Yes Ingenuity: Yes
  10. Maximum weight recommendation: Infant to Toddler: 40 pounds Rainforest: 30 pounds Graco: 20 pounds Ingenuity: 19.8 pounds